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check over here /> No. Adding to debt should be a last resort, not an escape from knowing your numbers. 2. Cut expenses. You’ve already done this, no doubt. But now that you have the numbers, take another look: Which costs can be reduced or eliminated? As the holidays approach, can you make gifts instead of ordering online? Can you YouTube repairs, go without some things, barter for services? 3.

Former Ann Arbor City Council Member Larry Hunter Stadium Blvd., was dismissed Thursday, Nov. 19, at the request of the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, according to an order signed by Administrative Law Judge Thomas Halick who was overseeing the regulatory matter. Coronavirus on campus: How Michigan colleges handled it and what the winter semester holds In-person learning is all but over at Michigan colleges and universities, with students studying and taking exams online from home to wrap up the last bit of a tumultuous and unprecedented fall semester brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. With many students already home or heading that way before Thanksgiving, colleges and universities are looking ahead to a winter semester that, as of now, could be much like fall or very different. One thing that remains constant is having to act quickly as coronavirus cases impact communities. Concerns raised after contractor creates cloudy plume in Ann Arbor-area creek As construction continued on a new Miller Road bridge over Honey Creek on Friday, Nov. 20, some residents grew concerned as the water turned murky. Peter Baker, whose home sits along the Huron River tributary just outside Ann Arbor, documented cloudy discharges where the Washtenaw County Road Commission’s contractor was pumping unknown material into the creek. Ann Arbor establishments battle COVID-19 restrictions on biggest bar night of the year The night before Thanksgiving is typically a popular bar night, but restrictions on indoor seating due to the COVID-19 pandemic is putting a damper on the festivities.