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In theory at least. With the distractions of a slippery mall floor and strangers stopping by to take pictures, the stress of escalators and glass panes that don’t look much like a barrier, only the older, more seasoned puppies that are closer to a year old heed the “sit-stay” command of their trainers. The others just run after them – it takes the constant vigilance of the trainers to keep the loving puppy instinct at bay, but they are always rewarded with a belly rub. The scene is so cute that the general public at the Cataraqui Centre has to be reminded constantly that when the dogs are wearing their service dog coats – which are slightly too big on some –they can’t be petted or distracted in any way. That is, except for one among the group, an almost one-year-old black, standard poodle named Indie – Indie the intervention dog can have all the pets she wants because, after all, it is her job. Indie sporting her Ability Dogs Canada coat to indicate she is a working dog. Photo by Jemma Dooreleyers. As her role as the first intervention dog at the Limestone District School Board (LDSB), who is going to be stationed at Kingston Secondary School when it opens, she needs to be prepared for… “Well everyone and everything,” said Emma-Jane Hamilton, the adolescent care worker for KCVI and Indie’s future handler and co-worker. Hamilton has been training service dogs visit this page for a different organization for as many years as she has been an adolescent care worker and able to bring them into work, but ever since a policy shift in the Limestone District School board, she hasn’t been able to train any more dogs and she said she feels as though there is something missing. [Construction] [Traffic]